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888 Casino Starts You on the Right Foot with a 1st Of The Month Bonus

Thursday, 03 January 2019 00:35 Written by

888 Casino is famous for running promotions that are enticing, easy to understand and offer bonuses that are quickly converted into cashable amounts. All these things matter in the long run so it comes as no surprise that whenever players are given the opportunity to sign up, they do it immediately. Such an opportunity has arrived once again and this is the kind of campaign that can only be accessed once per month. It is supposed to celebrate the beginning of a new month and that’s precisely what it does.

Essentially, many players will have a chance at winning one of the 26th payouts, ranging from €8 to a maximum of €188. Everything is transparent and totally random, so you don’t have a better chance based on your bankroll, expertise or the time spent playing here. Instead, players participate in a raffle if they log into their account, even without making the deposit. If you win something, the prize will be credited to your account immediately and you can start meeting the wagering requirements.

How big are the prizes available?

888 Casino with offered to payouts of €188, which is by far the best case at 90 for those who participate in this promotion. Four more players are going to receive payouts of €88, which are nothing to frown upon and should provide the winners with a nice bankroll boost. Last but definitely not least, a massive number of 20 players are going to receive the consolation prize worth €8. A quick glance at the payout will highlight the fact that the casino is celebrating the digit eight, which is hardly a surprise.

This is a recurrent promotion so those who participate are likely to recognize it and be familiar with the rules already. Regardless of the size of the bonus offered, players will still have to meet strict wagering requirements and won’t be allowed to cash out winnings before. Essentially, players will have to bet the bonus amount at least 30 times but they enjoy unrestricted freedom in choosing their games. Slots have the best stake percentage contribution, so they are the obvious choice for many lucky winners.

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