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Counting down the Days at InterCasino for Instant Cash Prizes

Friday, 21 December 2018 15:54 Written by

InterCasino celebrates holidays in general and Christmas in particular and it doesn’t even want players to have to wait until December 25. That’s why decided to run a brand-new promotion several days in advance, to give players better chances of winning serious cash. Yggdrasil's Christmas Countdown is the latest campaign running live here and one that has a massive prize pool of €230,000. This is a huge amount by any standards, so those who gamble here are twice as motivated to persevere this month.

This new promotion has just started and as many as 7000 players will be presented with a cash prize until the end of the month. Each day a new batch of winners will be awarded with cash and it is even possible to win multiple prizes over the course of this promotion. This means that it doesn’t even matter if you won on the first and second day of the campaign as you can still secure many more prizes. These are randomly awarded so all it takes is slot and you could be one of the many lucky winners.

Which are the qualifying slots for the new promotion?

Yggdrasil's Christmas Countdown is a special campaign because it requires players to focus on different games every day. InterCasino publishes the list of three games at the beginning of the day, so players can make the right decision when they start spinning the reels of popular slots. The promotion is going strong and as it is approaching its untimely conclusion interest is only growing among players. That’s because bonuses get bigger and the deadline looms, so those who win on the final days get the bigger paychecks.

The promotion culminates with the prizes awarded on the New Year’s Eve, when the big raffle takes place. The final bonuses are offered in a highly interactive manner, since players are invited to choose between one of the two rewards. If players are lucky, they win an amount twice as big, otherwise they will have to settle for the first prize. It is still a generous proposition, since players don’t take any chances and are guaranteed to walk away with a prize, as only the maximum amounts differ.

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