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Interactive machines

interactives machines

A slot machine valued for its creative feature

The enthusiasm aroused by this type of slot machine is quite considerable and it is due to the interactivity featuring them.

The player is thus stimulated to make a decision during the game, but it is not about using a strategy. As for the probabilities, they are not different: the attraction is not marred for all that. The game is based on a real amusement where it is possible to lose astronomic amounts of money.

The producers have been really original with this idea. Since the game tend to become harder, the prize will be more considerable and players will have more fun.

Bonus, an additional attraction

The interest feature of the game are the steps which give players the opportunity to win considerable amounts. The rollers can thus leave their places to fictional characters. These characters hide a bonus that is possible to win by choosing the right picture. It can also give additional credits.

In order to gain the bonus, it is necessary to win at several steps. The affects the total amount, but is also depends on the bet. In this type of situation, it is strongly recommended to insert the maximum number of credits, trying to win the most higher amount of money. The prize is quite high and the gains can be doubled or even tripled.