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7sultans casino

7Sultans is one of the numerous casinos that are part of the Microgaming Viper platform, with all the resulting benefits. Progressive jackpots are the ones that attract the vast majority of new members, but those who prefer the classic table games and real dealers also called disestablishment their home. The casino was launched in 1999 and they are still one of the strongest players, slowly but surely building on their rocksolid reputation.

Games and software

Microgaming has developed thousands of games so far, but only the best of them are available here so players won’t have to experience the paradox of choice. At the time of writing there are almost 400 titles and slot machines represent half of them. 24 of them are progressive jackpot slots and in exchange of venturing a small amount, players will have the opportunity of competing for loads of money.

There are far fewer options for video poker fans, but at least they have the opportunity of playing the games much faster due to the autoplay feature. Table games aficionados are unlikely to complain about the absence of such feature, because the very nature of their games recommends a different type of gaming. They are better off playing against real dealers and since the live casino section was introduced, there are very few who are still relying on the old-fashioned random number generator.


The 7Sultans welcome bonus is on the largest out there and players can hope to collect a maximum of €1000. They don’t even have to make a one-time payment and instead are allowed to deposit nine times in a row and have the amount matched gradually. The risks assumed are smaller and all those who have real money account gain unrestricted access to upcoming promotions.

Some of them can be used in conjunction with the welcome bonus, others demand players to clear the bonus prior to applying. There is also a bonus worth €100 to those who refer their friends, so members have good reasons to spread the news.

Enjoy €500 Bonus

Deposit and withdrawal

Some payment methods such as electronic wallets are promoted by 7Sultans and the online casino offers tiny bonuses to those who deposit using these solutions. Credit cards and bank transfers are not included in this category, but there are just as fast and players won’t have to pay any commission out-of-pocket.

Reputation and Security

There are not many online casinos out there who can brag about being active for 15 years or more and that’s what makes 7Sultans special. They did everything by the book and the rewards came naturally, with customers regarding them as a trustworthy partner for wagering real currency.

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7Sultans has a customer support that employs dozens of specialists and they work shifts, so there is always someone ready to take care of you.

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