Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and at the same time one of the most ancient: it has proved to be timeless through generations.

Simple to understand, easy to play, it is quite easy to excel in this casino game and its most exciting variations. However, you must take into consideration that it depends first of all on luck. Although you can challenge the chance with game strategies based on logic, mathematic argumentations in relation to probabilities: it is hard to adopt a game strategy that will be infallible to the long term.

When fate is around, nothing works anymore…


Getting Started

This section gives you information about inside and outside bets, but it also advices you on the mistakes you should avoid and the considerations you should make in order to increase you probabilities to win.

Both for beginners and for experienced players, it is first of all necessary to know the basic bets that can placed.

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The most popular variations of roulette are the French Roulette (or European) and, on the other side, the American Roulette.

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betting systems

Betting Systems

In order to win, it is necessary for you to familiarise with the most effective playing techniques such as the Betting Systems.

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It's important to learn how to manage with the risk of losing everything, which is particularly associated to the winning number 0, that can make you lose at one time your entire bet or half of it.  To excel on the roulette tables, means also being able to put an upper limit to your bets and being wise in terms of gambling.