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The Lay Bets

lay bet

The opposite of the Buy bet

The so-called “Lay” bets works in the opposite way of the “Buy” bets. Players must thus bet on coming out of the 7.

However there is a rule to follow, the 7 must go out before a chosen point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10). Players have also the possibility to bet or take their bet off anytime during the match.

The bet is “always active” and this allows player to win or lose even during the making of the first throw.


With this strategy, the possibilities that the number 7 comes out are higher than the chances that other points come out. Indeed, the probabilities are of 16,7% and this increase seriously the chances to win. This affects also the gains that are not so well paid:

  •   For the 4 and the 10, they will pay 1 : 2.
  •   With a 5 or 9 the payment will be of 2 : 3.
  •   For a 6 or a 10, the bet gets 5 : 6.

It is also possible to notice that the casino has got a percentage of the 5% on all of the gains. However, this percentage does not affect the bets which are done. If a player bets 60 euros on a combination f 9:

  •   The gain grows to 40 euros.
  •   The commission is therefore made on the 40 euros gained and the casino gets 2 euros.
  •   The player will thus get effectively 38 euros.