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For you, experienced players or beginners, the website offers all of the information you need in order to refine your knowledge of the game. Amazing sensations guarantee a never-ending pleasure of playing.


Getting Started

This section gives you information about the bases of the game which you need to know in order to begin playing Blackjack: components, game’s procedure, probabilities and much more.

We remind you the basic principle of the game: it starts by asking the dealer for cards in order to get as close as possible to 21 but never going over this number.

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Thank to this section, you will better understand the rules of a game which is not so simple as it seems to be.

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Discover several versions of blackjack: Blackjack Pontoon, Blackjack perfect Paris, Spanish Blackjack...

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Blackjack is a quite easy game. However, before hoping to win, you must have a good knowledge about playing finesses and strategies.

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The apparent simplicity of the game, the breathless rapidity of the rounds and the fact that it is the only casino game in which it is really possible to make a fortune explain its incredible success. 01Casinos make you penetrate the thrilling universe of blackjack and helps you to win. Take advantage of it!