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Blackjack 6 : 5

blackjack 6 5

Beside the traditional Blackjack, a popular variation of the game is the Blackjack 6 : 5.

Although casinos generally tend to increase the number of decks in Blackjack to gain advantage over the players, sometimes using between 6 and 8 decks of cards, the variation Blackjack 6 : 5 is played with one single deck!

A different payment ratio

The casino balances the fact of using one single deck of cards by changing the payment ration from 3 : 2 in traditional blackjack to 6 : 5 in Blackjack 6 : 5, as its name indicates. Therefore, the gains the a player may get in this variation are much weaker than those s/he could get with the traditional version of the game.

Indeed, if we look at it through probabilistic calculations: the player loses between the 1 and the 1,5% more than in other popular variations of the game.

Thus, this variation offers players, beginner or advanced, weaker chances to win.

Example to explain the change of ratio

Traditional Blackjack proposes a ratio of 3 : 2, which means that if the player wins on an initial bet of 10 euros, s/he will get 15 euros. Differently, in Blackjack 6 : 5, the player will get 12 euros from an initial bet of 10 euros. The higher is the initial amount bet, the bigger is the gap in the payment ratio, the less interesting the gains in Blackjack 6 : 5 will be.

On the other hand, player with one single deck of cards, gives evident advantage to the player and allows him/her to easily apply the basic strategies of Blackjack.