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Superfun Blackjack 21

blackjack super fun 21

Among the variations of traditional Blackjack, the Superfun 21, as its name indicates, is certainly one of the most amusing and entertaining.

Peculiarities of Superfun 21

The game is played with one single deck of 52 cards which allows players to gain advantage over the bank. The basic rules that govern this variation are the same as in classic Blackjack, but some peculiarities make this version original.

  • In particular, it is possible to double down your bet after you have split your turns.
  • Differently from traditional Blackjack, players can “split” their turns up to 3 times in traditional Blackjack: this makes a maximum of 4 turns in total.
  • As for the split itself, it is possible to make outside couples of identical cards.
  • The couple making 10 points of value can be split even if they have not the same figure.
  • Last, the player can leave the game before doubling down his/her bet.

Payments Ratio

Playing with one single deck, certainly decreases the advantage of the bank: it this balances that with a payment ratio of 1 – 1, except for the following situations:

  • If the player picks 5 cards or similar and those cards make 21 points, the payment ratio is 2 – 1.
  • If the player picks a minimum if 6 cards that make 20 points, s/he gains the turn even if the croupier makes blackjack.
  • Similarly, each Blackjack of diamonds, is paid 2 – 1.
  • Last, the player wins only if s/he makes a blackjack and that is true even if the croupier makes a Blackjack too!