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Main Bets

main bets

The structure of the table in Craps gives players the possibility to place different types of bets. The use of strategies while playing is quite important.

We could consider a total of around 100 possible bets. These can be placed though one or more throws. Certain bets are not contemplated, since that would give too much advantage to the bank while decreasing the possibility for players to win.

This game offers therefore several possibilities for those who play using strategies.


Before that the player changes his/her money with chips, it is better to check the minimal and the maximal bets allowed on the table. This thing allows players to attempt to forecast the result, in order to win and avoid to lose.

Generally, the bets start from £5, but sometimes it is possible to bet £3. Other amounts can be £25 or even 100. It is thus really important to identify your situation in order to choose the right bet.

Bets in favour of the players

The players, in the attempt to win, use different modalities of betting and in particular, several strategies, quite different one from another. These strategies affect the bets and the gains.

The players have several bets available:

The game of craps is not really complicated and both advanced and beginner players can enjoy it. It is not necessary to understand and to master all of the bets, it is enough to opt for the best strategy.