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The Don’t Come bet

dont come bet

After the first throw, the point for the Line Pass is fixed. It is in this moment that players can make the “Don’t Come” bet.

The functioning of the “Don’t Come” bet is the same as the “Don’t Pass” bet. Indeed, players bet according to other people bets. The “Don’t Come£ bet consists in playing in opposition to the dices.

It is a quite risky bet which can be done after the point has been fixed, in the following modality:

  1. If the dices give a 7 or a 11, the player loses.
  2. If the amount is of 2 or 3, the bet is won. In this strategy, the 12 becomes a push if it comes out, as well as in the “Don’t Pass” bet.
  3. If the combination is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, this result becomes the point.
  4. The player wins if the 7 comes out before the point comes out again. In the opposite case, the player loses his/her bet.