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The Place bets

place bet

In Craps, players can opt for the so-called “Place” bet. This consists on betting some chips on the realisation of the point 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, before the comes out.

This strategy can be use anytime during the match. However, you cannot choose to use it during the first throw, unless you are not authorised to do so by the croupies.

The player must only specify saying “I place on..”, while placing the pile of chips on the number s/he chose. At this point, the croupier moves the bet on a more convenient compartment.

As regards to gains and losses, the rules are exactly the same as for the Line Pass bet and the Come bet. There are only two differences: the quotes are not the same and the player can have his/her bet back if s/he wants.

The casino pays the Place bet with a percentage of the 4% on a combination of 5 or 9, and of 6,67% on a total of 4 or 10.

Payment for the placed bet

  •   For a 4 or a 10, the payout rate is 9-5.
  •   With a 5 or a 9, it will be 7-5.
  •   For a 6 or a 8, it will be 7-6.