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The Proposition bets

proposition bet


In order to apply the strategy of the Proposition bets, the stickman places the bets of the player in the middle of the table. This technique consists in betting for some throws on the 2, the 3, the 7, the 11 or the 12.


On some tables, payments can be done with a 30 to 1 (a gain of 30 times the initial bet) or a 30 on 1 (a gain of 29 times the initial bet). This difference between “to” and “on” must be taken into account.

Generally, in the game of craps, the best strategy consists in ignoring all of the bets in the centre of the table, since the Proposition bets are a quite effective way to lose all of your money.

Types of bet

In the central area, the player can notice several lines with different combination of dices. These combinations give players the possibility to make 5 different types of bet:

“Any seven”

It consists on betting on a throw with the result giving 7. In any other case, the player loses. There is a probability of 5 to 1 (the 20%) to win, but the gain is actually equal to 4 to 1, with means 5 on 1. The casino has got a percentage of 16,7%.

The technique of “Craps 11”

It consists in betting for a single throw, on craps (2, 3 or 12) or the 11. The presence of the letter C and E that are written outside the central area, represent this type of bet.

The percentage of the casino goes over the 10%. The chances to win are of 8 on 1 (for the craps) and 16 on 1 (for the 11).

The “Horn” bet

It is made on a single throw and the player wins if the result is 2, 3, 11 or 12. This strategy is not recognised on the central area, but it is the same system as in “craps 11”. The player must use 4 chips for 4 different bets.

The payment is of 16 on 1 (with the 3 and the 11), of 31 on 1 (with the 2 and the 12), Te other three bets are losing and the percentage of the casino is of 12,5%.

Bet on the combinations 2, 3, 11 or 12

It is made through a single throw. The gains are of 16 on 1 (with 3 and 11) and 31 on 1 or 30 on 1 (on 2 and 12).

The advantage of the casino on this type of bet is between the 11 and the 14%.

The “Any Craps” bet

It consists on betting on a single throw. The player wins for the combinations 2, 3 or 12. In any other case, the bets are lost.

A specific space is reserved to this bet, below the central area of the table. The gains are of 8 on 1 and the advantage of the casino is of the 11%.