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The Don’t Pass bet

dont pass bet

The opposite of the “Line Pass”

The functioning of the Don’t Pass bet is the opposite of the Line Pass one. Indeed, what is valid for the latter is not valid for the former.

This strategy gives players the possibility to play against other people and in opposition to their bets. We could say, therefore, that the Don’t Pass bet wins when the Line Pass bet loses.

Once a player obtains the crap combination (2 or 3) with the dices, the player wins in direct competition with the bet (see at the bottom the case of number 12). On the other hand, if the dices give a 7 or a 11, the player loses. This bet gives the casino an advantage of 1,36%.

This percentage is a bit lower than the one related to the Line Pass bet. It is therefore a not risky and quite convenient bet.

The Don’t Pass bet can be done only before the first throw, after that it is not possible to use it anymore.

Localisation of the carpet

In order to use this bet, you must place the chips on the compartment corresponding to “Don’t Pass”.

Once “the point” is fixed

When the point is fixed, the player hopes that the combination that is up to come out will be 7. S/he wins immediately if the point comes out one more time. In the opposite case, s/he loses the bet.

The players who use the Don’t Pass bet, are in the minority. Indeed, this strategies goes against the base of craps which is the group game. Those player who bet in opposition to the rest of the group get excited when the other make a bad bet. We could say that they get satisfaction from the unlucky of the others.

However, this strategy is quite attractive, since the probability of winning are quite high, while the chances to lose very low.

The impact of the 12

Within this strategy, 2, 3 and 12 are craps.

Nonetheless, with the Don’t Pass bet, 2 and 3 allows players to win the match, but not the 12. This does not affect this type of bet: the player does not win and it does not loses either. We can notice thus, that the rules of this bet are not the exact opposite of the Line Pass ones. This bet allows the bank to maintain a small advantage.

Yet, the Don’t pass bet remains quite attractive for players.