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The Come bet

come bet craps

The bets done with the “Pass Line” strategy concern only the number 7 and “the point” once it has been fixed. A series of throws is necessary before you can obtain the combination of these two things.

Similarly, you can apply another strategy, the “come” bet. This is an additional advantage to get the bet since each point can be a first throw, totally independent.

Engaging in the Come bet

You have only one obligation when engaging in this strategy, you need to fix the point in order to decide the amount of the bet.

In doing so, the player move chip to the compartment “come”. The bet will then depend on the netx throw, as well as with the “Line Pass” bet.

  1. 7 and 11 allow the player to win.
  2. On the other hand, 2, 3 and 12 bring to a loss.
  3. In the case of a combination giving the point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) the player wins only if the dices fall again on “the point”. S/he loses if the 7 comes out.

Examples of “Line Pass” and “Come”

Let’s consider the following situation: a player makes a “Line Pass” bet and, at the first throw, the dices fix 8 as the point.

  1. Let’s assume that the shooter makes a second throw and that the dices give a 7. The Line Pass bet is lost, unless le dices give 8 one more time.
  2. Before the next throw, the player place also a bet on the box “come”.
  3. If the obtained combination is 2, the amount of the Line Pass bet is not lost, differently from the amount of the Come bet.
  4. Then, the player places another chip on the compartment “come”. The following throw gives a 6.
  5. In that moment, the croupier places the “come” bet on the 6. The player has got, therefore, a bet on the 6 and a bet on the 8.
  6. The player wins if the amount of the dices is a 6 or a 8 and s/he loses (Come and Line Pass bet) if the 7 appears.

The duration of the match is not defined and it could happen therefore that a match last 15 or 30 minutes more than it should.

The shooter changes when the 7 losing comes out. In this specific case, all of the players lose, with both the Come bet and the Line Pass bet.