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What is a betting system (Martingale)?

martingales roulette

Would you like to challenge the fate by choosing a game strategy based on logics and on a probabilistic arguments which could rapidly increase your gains in roulette or at least limit your risks to lose?

The betting systems are the most popular and appreciated game tactics in the entire universe of roulette and its variations. Their functioning principles are simples and they are generally applied on the simple chance bets.

D’Alembert betting system

alembert betting system

This gaming strategy took its name from the philosopher and mathematician Jean d’Alembert. It can be applied in the game of roulette and, differently from the classical betting system, this can be applied both when you are winning or losing and allows players to make a balance between the deficits and the winning bets of a match.

The against Alembert rising

against alembert

The betting system called “Contre d’Alembert” is a game technique that concerns the roulette matches and in particular those matches featured by the simple chances ( which means matches in which the bets are winning one time out of two or in which the bets give a unit for any unit placed).