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Paroli betting system

paroli roulette

The game technique Paroli, also called Paroli betting system is applied on the roulette games, as well as the other betting systems.

By choosing this system, you choose a prudent game strategy that will allow you to win big amounts without risking much. Somehow, this technique is featured by the opposite principle of the classical betting system.

Principle of Paroli

The Paroli system works as follows: it is about betting a unit at the beginning of the match. Then, the player will add the gains realised during the match to the initial bet. If, in the opposite case, s/he loses, s/he will start a new match with a new bet.

In doing so, the player bet what s/he have won and avoids to lose more than the initial bet.

One of most important features of this strategy is that it gives players the guarantee to lose low: indeed, the player does not risk to lose more than the initial bet, since s/he bets any time on the gains collected.

As for the inconvenient, it may be dangerous, like with any other betting system, to make bets so fast: in the attempt to avoid this trap, you better fix an amount of gain and wait for it.

In order to get familiar with the jargon of roulette strategies experts, you must know the expression “Paroli1” which means that the player stops playing after s/he has bet twice the initial bet.

On the other hand, we speak of “Paroli2”, when the player stops playing after having gained 4 times the initial bet. Last. The term “Paroli3”, indicated a player who stops playing after having gained 8 times the initial bet.

Example of the application of Paroli betting system

We give you here a concrete example of the application of the Paroli betting system, previously explained.

In this example, the initial bet is composed of 10 units.

  1. During the first turn, the player bets 10 units on red. The roulette indicates the red colour. The player gains 10 units.
  2. For the second turn, s/he bets 20 units on red and the ball indicates red again. s/he gains 20 units. The total gain is of 10+20=30.
  3. When the third turn comes, s/he bets 30 units on red and the roulette indicates red one more time. The player wins 30 units and the total amount is 30+30=60.
  4. For the fourth turn, s/he bets 60 units on red and the roulette announces the black colour. s/he thus loses 60 units containing the initial bet. The final result is of -10 units.

It is now your turn to play and try your chance in roulette, mastering this popular game technique. And for the prudent players who want to safeguard their budget: the Paroli betting system will make you stop when needed!