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The Odds Bet or Associated Odds

odds bet

The Odds bet is considered as the best bet within the field of casino.

This strategy of the associated odds can be applied to the Come bet and the Line Pass bet. Also the incorrect players, those who play contrary to the dices, can use this strategy, but the gains are lower.

Observers can notice the limits of the Odds bets: they are really effective within the outline of the table. In certain cases, these bet are not appropriate. We advise you to use them only when the initial bet is possible.

There is no specific compartment for this bet on the table. Player just need to place their chips next to the Pass Line bet area (outside the area).

The Odds bet with the Pass Line bet and the Come bet

With the first throw, the shooter fixes the point for the Line Pass bet. From that moment, players can bet on the associated odds.

Between the two throws of dices, players must place their chips behind the Pass Line bet (outside the area). It is then possible to bet until the Pass Line bet is good (that is valid right after the point or after a series of throws). However, the amount is limited in certain casinos.

It is possible to observe a maximum bet of 1 to 3 times the initial bet. Sometimes it can reach an amount of 100 times the initial bet. If the limit allows to make a bet triple, the player can bet on the associated odds an amount up to 3 times the initial Line Pass bet or Come bet. The limits are more consistent sometimes, generally on the points 6 and 8 more than on others. It is also possible to ask the croupier what is the maximum bet.

The bets involving the associated odds are called “Free odds”. The casino is not in advantage, there is complete equality between casino and players.

Indeed, the probabilities to win for the casino are decreased to the 1%, a thing that increase the chances of the players.

Furthermore, if the point is fixed before the combination 7, the player wins the Pass Line bet and not the Odds one. In the opposite case, the player loses everything.

Example of a game situation

Let’s assume that the casino allows players to triple their bet down and that the player decides to bet 5 euros on Pass Line before the first throw is done.

  1. The shooter gets a combination of 10, it is a combination quite hard to re-obtain, since the 7 has two times more chances to come out.
  2. In this case, the casino has more chances to win, if the 10 comes out. The Pass Line bet allows players to win the same amount as the initial bet.
  3. S/he thus decides to place 10 euros next to the Pass Line bet (of 5 euros).

The shooter obtains a combination of 10 and the player wins, therefore, his/her Pass Line bet only one time (5 euros) and also his/her Odds bet (20 euros). With the 10, the chances to win are of 2 : 1 and this probability counterbalances the risk. This strategy allowed therefore the player to win by fixing the point.

The bets made on Pass Line and Come are equally compensated, however it exists a rate for the associated odds, in relation to the point.

  •   For the 4 or the 10, the gains are 2 : 1.
  •   With 5 or 9, the bet allows a probability of 3 : 2.
  •   For a 6 or a 8, you win 6 : 5.

We advise you therefore, to choose the amount of the bet according to the associated odds. This allows you to understand if the casino can easily pay them. The situation is not the same for the tables which authorise the 5 euros bets. If the point is fixed on 5 or 9, you better use a multiple of 2 and so 6 or 10. This allows the croupier to pay the rate 3 : 2 more rapidly.

The Odds bet in relation to the Don’t Pass bet and the Don’t Come bet

All of the players can use this strategy.

The good players (those who play according to the dices), can bet on the Odds bet during the Pass Line bet or the Come bet.

The incorrect players can use the associated odds with bets in contrast to the dices. However, that is not very convenient since players win just part o their bet with this strategy. We can observe how they need to bet at least 40 euros in order to win half of the amount and so 20 euros when the 4 or the 10 come out.

The advantage of the casino decreases to the 1%, a thing that make this bet more interesting.

In order to play, players need to move their piles of chips next to their initial bet, on the case Don’t Pass or Don’t Come. If the player chooses to apply the strategy on the associated odds during the Come bet, s/he makes more evident that they are interrupted during the first throw. S/he must wait for the tenth throw to play. In this type of strategy, it this the other way around, the bets on the associated bets on Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bet are not suspended during the first throw.

In this type of game, the payment of the bet depends on the point

  •   With a 4 or a 10, the bet is paid 1 : 2.
  •   If the combination is 5 or 9, the bet is paid 2 : 3.
  •   For a fixed point of 6 or 8, the bet is paid 5 : 6.

if the player bets 5 euros on the don’t Pass bet and the point is fixed to 10. Once the player place his/her bet on the associated odds, s/he will report an amount not bigger than 2 times the initial bet (10 euros). In order to win this amount s/he must take the risk and bet 20 euros on the Odds bet. You need to know that the rate of payment when the 10 is defined is 1 : 2.

It is possible, however, to maximise your chances to win. We advise you to bet the maximum on the Odds bet, once the point is defined. That depends on the table, however it is generally possible to make a double or a simple bet. Sometimes, you may even have a limit of 10 or 100 times.

On the underside of the table, the player notices this posting “3x, 4x, 5x Odds”

  •   The maximum bet is up to 3 times the initial amount, for the combination 4 or 10.
  •   With the points 5 or 9, it is possible to obtain 4 times your bet.
  •   For the 6 or the 8, you get 4 times your bet.

With this strategy, it is possible to re-mark the fact that the advantage of the casino decreases according to the growing of the bet. This feature allows the Odds bet to be the best, since the chances a player has got to win increase while those of the casino decrease.