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The Buy bets

buy bet

Players can find similarities between the Buy bets and the Place bets. Yet, there is a difference: the player wins the real quote thank to a commission of the 5%.

The difference of payment

the casino often decreases the payment of the gains and in this way the player cannot counterbalance the risk s/he took on a bet with the real payment. Otherwise, if the player is paid with the real quote, this shows how s/he is paid according to the risk s/he took.

This type of bet is not applicable to the first throw, which means that there is no gain or loss and the result does not count. The players have also the possibility to bet and to use the “Buy” bet when they wish.

With this system, a “Buy” bet on 4 or 10 is much more effective than a “Place” bet. This difference is clearer if you check the advantages of the casino: 4,76% (Buy bet) and 6,67% (Place bet).


Players must always bear in mind that there is a commission of the 5%. For example, on a bet of 20 euros, 1 euro is hold. On certain combinations like 4 and 10 the Buy bet is profitable, however it is much less profitable for the 5, 6, 8 and 9. In these cases, you better opt for the Place bet.

Players tend to prefer the Buy bet. Indeed, once they have paid the commission, players get the real quote for any winning bet.