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History of Craps

history craps

History of dice

The game of dice and their use in gambling dates back to 5000 years ago.

We have found dice in Sumerian royal graves in Ur (ancient Chaldea, today Iraq). In ancient Rome and Greece, people used to play with cubic dice (6 faces). Like in the contemporary game, the total points of two opposite faces was 7 (1+6; 2+5; 3+4).

The dealers

dealers craps

A regular match of craps, needs some dealers to be played according to the rules.

There are four dealers around a table considered to be “normal”. Each of them needs to stay in a specific place and has got a specific role.

The shooter

shooter craps

In the game of craps, the player who throws the dice is the one who makes a “shooter”.

S/he throws the dice in the attempt to make a combination of two numbers. All of the players around the table (between 14 and 16) have the possibility to throw the dice, one by one.