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The table

table craps


In order to play craps you need a support, a table on which each match takes place.

The table has got a specific shape which allows players to bet and to throw the dice comfortably. The rectangular shaped table is covered by a felt carpet and there are walls all around its borders. These are really useful since they stop the dice any time they are thrown. A match can be played within 14-16 players who need to stand around the table.

The sides are available for players to bet and place their chips.

Bet areas

A craps table is divided into two areas:

  1. The central area, reserved to the most risky bets.
  2. The sides (left and right), for traditional bets.

There are also the croupier and the table leader.

As for the bets, there is a specific compartment for each strategy, “don’t pass”, “pass line”, “big 6/8” and also for the numbers 4, 5,6, 8, 9, 10.

The peculiarity of this table is the symmetry. Players can use the area the find on their right or on their left. This does not affect the game. This actually makes the position of the player even more comfortable.

Some land-based casinos have a very limited surface available, a thing that affects the dimensions of the craps table. In that case, the table is smaller and there is therefore just one single zone reserved to the principal bets. It is also less longer and this affects the trajectory of the dice. The throws wil be much more shorter.