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The dealers

dealers craps

A regular match of craps, needs some dealers to be played according to the rules.

There are four dealers around a table considered to be “normal”. Each of them needs to stay in a specific place and has got a specific role.

The role of the dealers

The table is divided into two areas, one on the right and the other one on the left, each side directed by a dealer.

Their role is simple, they need to assure the best proceeding of the match. They change the players’ money with chips, help players to place their bets and pay the gains.

A man sits in the middle of the table, facing the two dealers, he is the “stickperson” or “stickman”. He is in charge of taking the dice after a throw and giving them to the next player. In doing that he uses a quite long stick, called indeed “stick”.

The stickman takes also care of the central part of the table, where he places the bets of the players. He can also announce the results of the game and indicate to the dealers who need to be paid.

In front of the stickman we can find the leader of the table, known as the “boxperson” or “boxman”. He is sitting as well, and his role consists in supervising the whole match, the players, the dice, as well as the dealers.

The boxman take part in the proceeding of the match by giving chips and gathering the bets lost by players.