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History of slot machines


The first slot machine

The very first slot machine, which was also called “one-armed bandit”, was a creation by Charles Frey.

This German mechanic, created in 1897, in the city of San Francisco, one of the most famous devices in the world to win money. His first creation had been named “Liberty Bell” and its functioning system was quite similar to the current one, since three rollers make rotate 5 symbols.

Game’s principle


Overview of Slot Machines

After the invention of slot machines, additional changes were made only in relation to the rollers. Rollers allow to obtain 8000 different combinations. Nowadays, they are quite popular and their diversity make them interesting. This feature is also advantageous for players, since winning is much easier and the amount representing the jackpot is higher.


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Gains proportional to the bet

You win a certain amount of money when the combination appeared corresponds to a gain. The latter is generally credited after the lining up three identical symbols. The players can activate the machine in different modalities since s/he can insert up to 5 credits. In this situation, the bet is multiplied for the number of credits played in one single throw. The gain is thus influenced by the bet.


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Payout rates

Players have a strong incentive to lean towards the possibility of winning before spending money. This allow them to play being aware of the risks.

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