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probabilities slots

Payout rates

Players have a strong incentive to lean towards the possibility of winning before spending money. This allow them to play being aware of the risks.

The benefits of the casino is very high and it cannot be lowered even a little bit. Generally, the establishment redistributes between the 90 and 95% of the invested amount. A user who have inserted 100 euros has the possibility to get back around 90 euros having a loss of 10 euros. This margin is really high. Slot machines are the less favourable of the casino games for players.

On the other hand, casinos’ owners highly appreciate this system since coins are insert so rapidly that their benefits are great.

Margin’s competition, a solution to make your investment profitable

Casino’s domain is competitive and each establishment varies its payout rates. In Las Vegas, slot machines give players a higher percentage limiting their loses.

By opposite, the boats have very bad rates with only the 80%. The legislation is not the same, a thing that explains these differences between the margins. Players must thus get informed on applied percentages in order to chose the most profitable casino for their wallet.