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Game’s principle


Overview of Slot Machines

After the invention of slot machines, additional changes were made only in relation to the rollers. Rollers allow to obtain 8000 different combinations. Nowadays, they are quite popular and their diversity make them interesting. This feature is also advantageous for players, since winning is much easier and the amount representing the jackpot is higher.

In casinos, players can access slot machines that present a high number of combinations. However, the goal of the game is the same: to line up several symbols in order to win. Players can thus win by following the combinations previously set by the machine.

The modality of playing can be multiple and users have therefore the opportunity to use a lever or a button to activate the rollers. Also the currency has been modified: the old slot machines allowed players to insert money directly. Real money has been now replaced by token coins that players need to change before playing.

Slot machines, a very simple playing method

The first goal is to pocket the jackpot, since it is often quite considerable. The reason of slot machines’ success can be explained through different factors.

The first factor is the real simplicity of the game, which is a matter of pushing buttons and leaving the fate free to make the rest. There are no essential rules a part from line up a number o symbols. Gains are automatically paid as soon as a combination made reveals to be a winning one.

Moving through casino rooms you can immediately perceive the infatuation, the crowd gather around different machines. All of the people have the same unique goal: to win the jackpot.

Nowadays, machines have several buttons which allow them to trigger the rollers after having inserted the pieces, coins or banknotes in the specific split.

  •   Bet one: you bet only one credit any time you push the button
  •   Bet max: you bet in one time the maximum credit authorised by the machine. Pushing this button you will not have to push several times on the button Bet one
  •   Change: users can call an employee from the casino
  •   Cash or Credit: this button allows players to get the unused coins back.

Learning in slot machines

Through the different sections of the website you have the opportunity to meet the world of slot machines.

The guide section evaluates their functioning, different bets, probabilities as well as anecdotes. After having studied carefully the different machines with their advantages and disadvantages, you will be probably interested in the strategies.

There is only a way to win, but it is still possible to follow some advices to increase the possibility of winning.