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slots bets

Gains proportional to the bet

You win a certain amount of money when the combination appeared corresponds to a gain. The latter is generally credited after the lining up three identical symbols. The players can activate the machine in different modalities since s/he can insert up to 5 credits. In this situation, the bet is multiplied for the number of credits played in one single throw. The gain is thus influenced by the bet.

This method may seem advantageous but it is not really so.

With three symbols “BAR” the player can gain for example:

  • 50 euros for a credit of 1 euro
  • 100 euros for 2 euros of credits
  • 150 euros for a bet of 3 euros

Gain’s multiplier

The gains can be multiplied also by using bonus. This option is interesting when the player bet the maximum of credits that is five.

This option is much more advantageous since it allows players to win 500 euros instead of 250 euros for 5 credits. This functioning system tends therefore to influence players’ behaviours. The lure of winning is more considerable and stimulates players to bet an higher amount. Payments are the same for all of the slot machines, but with the multiplier we advise you to bet the maximum amount.