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Game’s functioning system

functioning system

Players do not have any effect on them

It is important to know that the button and the lever do not affect the gains. Players can therefore be soft or brutal and it will not influence their probabilities of lining three identical rollers up.

In casino rooms, certain players believe that there is a method to press the machine or set it off, however strategies of this type are not conceivable.

The result you will obtain is already registered even before you action the rollers. A number generator introduces different combinations continuously. This process goes on even if no one is using the machine. When the button or the lever is set off, a series of random numbers is passed to a computer. This computer controls the mechanism which allows the different logos to appear.

Nowadays several casinos chose to offer slot machines without rollers. The rollers have been replaced with a screen, but they the machines function in the same modality even if they are virtual.

Slot machines, partially a matter of luck

The player cannot affect the machine, which is handled by a computer. Results are not controlled or predicted. Winning through this system is partially about being lucky and being in the right place at the right time. It is even possible that a player bets for hours without reaching the jackpot and just after he gives up and leaves the machine, another user starts playing and win the jackpot. Moreover, the number generator does not follow a pattern and players do not have to play following a cycle. Any win is completely independent from the previous one. So that any player has the same possibilities to win.

The slot machine is unique

The number system can be modified in particular in the machines with a screen. The screen create an illusion and players think they are seeing the rollers even if they are fictional.

This method offers a variety of possibilities and casinos have the opportunity to apply different programmes. Some of them allow players to win the best jackpots, some other affect the machine in order to increase or decrease the possibilities players have to win. This method used by the casinos allows players to access several machines quite different one another, especially in terms of wins.

Players must be aware that casinos do not modify the slot machines in favour of the establishment. Settings are not made in the exact moment in which the player is winning or losing. It is necessary to actualise a procedure that is sometimes hard and complicated in order to change the computer’s programmes. Programmes are thus modified quite rarely after the machine has been installed. All the settings are fixed by the producer, casinos do not control the probabilities players have to win.