Video Poker

This type of game appeared around the ‘70s and immediately raised real passion among certain players, becoming their favourite field. These players have thus made of video poker an indispensable component of casinos. It offers a different universe, since the economic dimension is much more important.

Nowadays, the passion raised by video poker is identical, so that some fans compare it easily to crack, since it has revolutionised in a few years the field of gaming machines.

video poker

Getting Started

Generally, the concepts are based on a component of luck, which anyway requires a certain attention and a rigor, since caution is appropriate. This rule does not work in video poker, it is one of the rare systems intended for any kind of players, even for beginners.

People who appreciate the universe of casinos will love undoubtedly video poker.

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types machines video poker

Types of machines

In the attempt of giving you fine knowledge about video poker, we provide you all the information about types of machines.

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Similarly, we provide you advices to play video poker in the best way, with a section dedicated to the strategies you can implement.

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Video poker has been created to satisfy the expectations of a large group of players. These players tend to define it as a game between poker and slot machines.