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How to play Video Poker?

play video poker

If you are an internet user and you are thinking of venture to play video poker, you better read this section carefully.

For playing video poker are generally used the same chips as in the slot machine, but also banknotes transformed in credits are accepted. Real money are thus not necessary anymore, since the player has only to push a button to bet those credits.

Betting method

The machine takes up to 5 pieces in one time. The total bet can thus be increased by each player. This allow players, in case they win, to get more considerable amounts of money.

The machines have specific criteria regarding the money, some of them accept different types of coin (1, 2, 0.50 euros...). The maximal credit can be set in motion by pushing on “Bet Max”. The players who wish to bet lower can push on “Bet One” and chose to bet 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits.

The maximum allows players to get the jackpot with the Royal Flush, a fact not to forget.

Enjoy the pleasure of keeping your money as much as you can

The better configuration in Video Poker corresponds to the Royal Flush, but this combination is generated only one time out of 40.000. Player need therefore to be quite patient. The statistics provide evidence on the fact that a player should play for 80 hours in order to get a Royal Flush. For beginners it is quite convenient to prefer those machines that accept also 10 or 20 centimes. This helps them to better handle their budget.

In order to play this type of machine, we advise you to start with a budget of at least 1000 euros. The machines taking a euro as minimum piece ask for an initial bet of around 5000 euros. Players can certainly lower the amounts, but they will decrease the opportunities to get the Royal Flush.

In one hour, a player can make around 500 turns and the wallet can thus undergo several changes during a match.

One single goal, the best card combination

As soon as the credit is present in the machine, the player has to push on “deal” and the number generator gives him/her 5 cards randomly. In this point, the similarities with the Draw Poker are really important. There are five buttons available.

  • A button for each card.
  • Keep the game.

You have then three options to actualise for the combination.

  • Keep the cards.
  • Give the cards back.
  • Keep some cards and give some others back.

Generally, the winning turn appearing with lights on the screen as soon as the first 5 cards are given. It is an important information since it allows players to reflect and act consequently. The machine gives also some suggestions to the player and payments are made according to the principle of traditional poker.

When choosing to give a card back, the computer replaces it immediately with another one that it takes from the 47 left. Without an enemy, the goal of the game is to have the best turn in one single match.

A new card is then given after you push on the button “Deal/Draw”. The player can however changes his/her mind and push on the button “Hold”.

The machines are used millions of times and the buttons can therefore be defective. This could sound banal, but a bad manipulation can make a player lose, sometimes quite considerable gains.

Take the benefits

In case you win, the machine deposits chips or credits in the container. It depends on the version of the machine. When the match has ended, the player can push again on the button “Deal/Draw” to start a new match.

When the match has ended, you can push on the button “Cash out” in order to take the totality of the gains. Some machines give you a ticket to change to the till.