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Game principles

principles video poker

A specific concept

Video poker has been created to satisfy the expectations of a large group of players. These players tend to describe this game like a fusion of poker and slot machine.

This idea can be verified by observing the universes of the two games. The internet users will find in this page a guide to compare the poker to the video poker.


The video poker as a whole is quite similar to the so-called traditional slot machines.

Within the casino, the two universes are really close. By all appearances, they are the same: a split in which you can you can insert banknotes, coins or chips. There is a container to collect the gains and the player is intended for the total fans who own the club card.


Video poker stimulates the smartness of the players and in particular their skills. Who play video poker have more probabilities to win if they handle the rules of the game. It is not a matter of pushing a button or a levier, the player is completely responsible of the proceeding of the match.

The concept of Video Poker

The player has the opportunity to chose the machine with which s/he wants to progress and the type of cards. Each machine is featured by a specific payment method and so that each player can chose the one that better suits him/her.

The slot machines requires the presence of a number generators which influences the combinations randomly. It is necessary also for the video poker since the generators itself gives the 5 cards to begin the match. The proceeding of the match depends exclusively on the decisions made by the players.

This universe stimulates players’ reflections and skills leaving them completely free.

Choosing the machine

The results of the match is affected by the choices made by the players. As for the gains, they depends on which machine has been chosen. It is interesting thus to know beforehand the gains which give good chances to win.

We advise you to read the section “Types of machines” in order to select the best one.