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Differences between poker and video poker

difference poker video poker

It is quite useful to know the basic notions of poker in order to play video poker, since the latter is similar to a specific version of poker, the so-called Draw Poker. As soon as the player gets the five cards given by the number generator, s/he can make all the decisions during the turn. The main concept seems to be the same for both of the games, however there are several differences between the two.

Playing video poker, the players are actually competing against a pc, this is therefore a virtual exchange.

The main differences

  •   Lower level of stress: the player can proceed the match with his/her own rhythm.
  •   There is no bluff: the player cannot dupe the machine.
  •   Losses cannot go over the bet credited by the machine. The player can handle quite easily his/her budget.
  •   The values of the cards are different in the two games: the Ace is not the strongest. The payments are the same for three Aces or three 4.
  •   The video poker is immediately operational, while for the traditional poker you need a certain number of players around the table in order to play.
  •   The player does not need to guess the adverse cards, s/he just need to make good combinations in order to win.
  •   Video poker transforms the Royal Flush in a really interesting turn. With a machine which takes only euros, a player can get at least 4000 euros. Differently, in the traditional poker this type of turn allow the player to get not more than the normal pot (around 50 euros).
  •   Certain turns generate immediate gains for any move. By opposite, in traditional poker, the Royal Flush can override the Full.

Passion for Video Poker

This type of game is largely popular but we can wonder what are the causes of this great passion for video poker. Moreover, this passion grows when the player begins to know and handle riles and basic strategies of the game.

The section “strategies” gives you all the principles that are necessary to optimise your chances to win. These strategies, together with the right machine, can generate considerable gains.

Another essential concept never to forget is the relaxation. Playing poker, players and croupier could take a rhythm which becomes exhausting after a few minutes.

The ambiance of the video poker is much less stressing than the ambience of the real poker, around a table. There are no intimidations or persecutions that may affect tour mood or nerves. The player can follow his/her own mood and feelings. Basically, the player can use the knowledge of the poker in a context other than the table of the casino.