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The Hard way bet

hard way bets

The player has got the possibility to use the “Hard way” bet on 4 results, 4, 6, 8 and 10. The player win only if the combination on which s/he has bet comes out with a couple.


For the combination 8, the dices must give two times the number 4 and this would give an “Hard way”. If the combination 8 is given by 3+5 that is an “Easy way”. The player loses in this situation and is the 7 comes out.

The player places his/her bet in the middle of the table and it is valid until you must change it. For example. If the player bet on the combination of the 8, the bet is not lost unless an “easy way” or a 7 come out.

You should know also that the Hardway bet is the worst in the game of craps. The casino has an advantage between the 9 and the 11%.