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The Pass Line bet

pass line bet

Localisation on the layout

The name of the bet, refers to the area of the craps table “pass line”, on which the bet is generally placed.

It is a good strategy since the casino has got an advance of only the 1,41%. Thus, from a bet of around 500 euros, it will get only 7 euros. This strategy gives players 8 possibilities to win and only 4 chances to lose. It is therefore a winning and convenient bet.

First phase

The functioning of the bet lies on 4 situations:

  1. The players wins when s/he gets the combination 7 or 11 with the first throw.
  2. If the total of the dices is a crap, and so 2, 3 or 12, the players loses the bet.
  3. If the obtained combination is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 the total becomes “the point”. From this moment, the shooter re-throws until s/he does not obtain the same amount again.
  4. When the point is established, if the player gets a 7, s/he loses.

Second phase

During the second phase (when the player obtains the point), all the “Pass Line” could be winning. In order to make this happen, the number 7 does not have to appear.

The probability of failure is uncertain, ideed thr 7 could come out in the first turn, the tenth and any other. If the shooter gets a 7 out (7 loosing), also all of the players who had bet on “Pass Line” will lose.


With the first throw, the player gets a 8. The croupier places therefore the “puck marker” on the box 8 (white side facing-up). After the second throw or after a series of throws, the player wins if 8 comes out and s/he loses if 7 comes out. The other results are not significant in this strategy of “Pass Line”.

Once the point is fixed, the player cannot change his/her bet anymore.

The “Put Bet”

There is a particular feature related to this strategy. The player can make a “Pass Line” once the point is fixed. This bet is called “Put Bet”. Several players use this system when they arrive to the crap table and the match has already begun. The good thing is that these player can play right away without waiting for the beginning of another match.

However, this strategy is not considered interesting If the point corresponds to a 6 or a 8. In these cases, we advise you to apply another strategy, the “Come bet”.