Craps is a game that we can find in land-based casinos, but it exists also on the internet.

It is based on a diversified system which renews the unfolding of a game without terminating it, so that each launch is independent. Indeed, even if forecasts happen to become real, it does not necessarily concern all of the players around the table.

This universe is intoxicating since the ambiance is noisy, dynamic but efficient.  Bets  turn up the adrenaline... That happens online as well, the ambiance is beating.


Getting Started

The concept of craps is easy and accessible to all the fans. It is a game based first of all on luck, but it is necessary anyway to play according to the probabilities in order to win.

This guide is available for beginners and it is about the history of the game of craps, the different combinations, the elements of the game...

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rules craps


Here you can discover the muffled universe of craps through information on their rules and a description of the different steps of the game.

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Players of craps must choose a good strategy in the attempt to see the advantage of the bank drop below the 1%.

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The game of craps is based on dices, but the most important thing is to implement strategies on the series of launches.

In the attempt to make you win your games, everything is explained in this section so that you can learn easily all of the rules.