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The point

point craps

Since the first throw allows the player to obtain one of the following combinations (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10), the total is called “the point”.

There is a particular case, in which the bets are placed on the “pass line” and they are nor winning or losing. You need to wait for the next throw in order to know the result of the bets.

The shooter throws again

Once the shooter has obtained the point, s/he needs to throw again until s/he obtains the same combination. There can happen two things:

  •   The dice make a 7, the previous bet is thus lost and it is time for the next player to throw the dice;
  •   If the player makes the same “point”, the dice remain to the first player.

The “puck marker”

If a player join a match of dice already started, s/he can learn about the rules and the functioning of the game through the “puck marker”. This disk gives information about the point. It has got two sides, if the white side is placed on a number, a player is trying ti get the point. The croupier will then move it, once the player has reached the point.

Otherwise, the black side is placed on the box “don’t pass”.

For example, if the “white puck” is on the 8, the shooter tries to fall again on that point. Thes, s/he throws the dice to obtain another 8. In this case, s/he makes the point again.