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The first throw

first throw craps

The match can begin only when all the bets have been placed. In doing so, players usually place their chips on the box “pass line” or on the one called “don’t pass”. They can also place other bets, according to the different combinations.

Indeed, they can bet “hard ways”, which means that dice need to make a combination to obtain a 4, a 6, a 8 or a 10.

The throw of the shooter

Once the bets are placed, the stickman push the dice with his stick toward the shooter. The shooter chooses two dice and throws them towards the other side of the table. S/he makes the first throw of a match of craps. S/he does the same as all of the other players during the game, but the rules are quite different for him:

  •   If the first who throws obtains a combinations so-called “natural” (7 or 11) the bet placed on “pass line” win an amount of one time the initial bet.
  •   If the total of the two dice gives a crap (2, 3 or 12), the bets on “pass line” are lost.


These two rules concern the first player: we give you an example. The player bets 20 euros on “pass line”.

  •   After his/her first throw, the combination obtained is a natural, which means a total of 7 (4+3). In this case, the player wins immediately. The croupier places therefore a chips of 20 euros close to his/her previous bet.
  •   If the obtained combination is a crap and so 2 (1+1), the player loses his/her bet immediately. The croupier will the take the chip of 20 euros back.