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The beginning of the game

beginning game

Placing the bets

The game begins when the players or the croupier have placed their chips on the box on which they want to bet. Players have the possibility to be informed about the allowed bets (minimal and maximal). The bets allowed are written inside the small walls around the table, in the areas where the croupiers are.

Generally, the minimal bet is an amount of around £5.

Before the first throw

Before doing a new throw, players need to wait for the stickman to place the dice in the centre of the table (in front of the boxman) and the croupier to pay all of the gains out. After that, players can by additional chips from the croupier.

The croupiers are in charge of different amounts of money and players are not allows to use them directly. Players must place their chips on the table. If the croupier is busy, the game cannot begin.

After the croupier has taken an amount of money from a player, s/he gives a pile of chips back to the player. The player takes the chips and place them on the box on which s/he wants to bet, placing the rest on the side of the table.