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The shooter

shooter craps

In the game of craps, the player who throws the dice is the one who makes a “shooter”.

S/he throws the dice in the attempt to make a combination of two numbers. All of the players around the table (between 14 and 16) have the possibility to throw the dice, one by one.

According to the rules, players must follow the clockwise direction.

When is a player’s turn to throw the dice, the stickman pushes 5 identical dice (6 faces) toward him/her with a stick. The player can choose only two dice and throw them after all of the other players have placed their bets.

If a new player joins the table, he can skip his/her turn.

Although there are walls all around the table, the dice can sometimes fall off the table. In this case, the match is interrupted and the stickman announces to the other players that the sticks are “out”. The leader of the table must go and look for the lost dice. Then, the same player has got a second chance to throw the dice.