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Deuces Wild

deuces wild

We advise you to master the Jacks or Better before you get into the Deuces Wild system.

The strategy is different, but the payout rates can go over the 100% in Full-pay. The name can be translated in “two bonus” and thus those cards with a two on them become jokers. These cards thus become the strongest cards of the game.

This system gives players the opportunity to make advantageous turns. Payments are quite different from those proposed with the Jacks or Better.

With two Jokers

Players are attracted by jokers. This variation of the game is thus thought for all players, beginners or advanced. However, the risk is much higher here, since the main goal of the game is to get a Royal Fifth. Since there are the jokers, the user tends to get rid of the total of the cards from the beginning.

The payments obtained with the Deuces Wild in Full-Pay (expressed in pieces):

  • Royal flush : 800
  • Four two : 200
  • Royal fkush with joker : 25
  • Five of a Kind: 15
  • Four of a Kind: 5
  • Full House : 3
  • Flush : 2
  • Straight : 2
  • Three of a Kind : 1

Criteria not to forget

It is possible to follow some advices, in order to optimise the gains:

  • The Short-pay version should be left behind.
  • Never to give back the cards with a 2 on top.
  • When you obtain 2 couples without a 2, you better get rid of one of the two.
  • The pairs must be privileged, since they bring more than a Flush or a Straight.
  • Keep the Five og a Kinf.
  • The Jacks, queen, king and Ace have never to be alone.

Before get yourself into the game with the machine Deuces Wild, we strongly advice you to study carefully the related strategy.