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Jacks or Better

jack or better

This is a very simple version of Video Poker which is really appreciated by beginner players. It is considered as similar to the classic version, but the best bets within the casino are made through this machine. The name of the machine comes from the necessity to get a couple of valets in order to win.

Different types of payment

The Jacks or better matches interactivity, simplicity and efficacy. Here you can find the best relations. These are facilitated by the use of interesting strategies.

The version 9/6 offers a rate of 99.5% with a low advantage for the house (0.5%). If you add to that a subscription to the club with the proposed differences of compensation and repayment, the gains are really considerable. This advantages are given to the players according to their bets and to the time they spend playing.

The payment (in cash) for a relation of 9/6 on a machine that accepts from 1 to 5 pieces are:

  • The royal fifth : 250 à 4 000
  • The royal flush : 50 à 250
  • The Carré : 25 à 125
  • The full : 9 à 45
  • The colour : 6 à 30
  • The line : 4 à 20
  • The Brelan : 3 à 15
  • Two Couples : 2 à 10
  • A couple of valets : 1 à 5

In order to know the potential gains, it is enough to multiply the number of pieces for the bet.

For example, a Royal Flush obtained with the maximal credit gives 250 pieces. For bets of 20 centimes, the player wins 50 euros.

The most important gains are obtained during the best turns. The amount is proportional to the number of coins bet. By opposite, this principle is not valid for the Royal Fifth. Choosing to bet 5 coins every time, the probabilities to win are reduced to the 1.5%.

You should know also that the coins aforementioned are the played ones, what you win for a couple of valets is what you bet.