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The relation in different machines

relation machines

The main aim when playing video poker is to select the machine with the most convenient relation. The relation is applied on the gains generated by a fifth or a full of one bet credit.

If a machine offers a relation 9/6 it means that the full gives 9 units and the fifth 6 units for one credit. By opposite, if a machine with a relation of 8/5, gives a full of 8 units and a fifth of 5.

The difference between the relations Is not big, but this gap is quite important. The probabilities to win are different with a 9/6 (99.5%) and an 8/5 (97,3%). The second possibility indicates that the starting bet is dispended more quickly (6 times).

The machines presented in the airports or within the shopping arcades must be avoid, since they have the worst relations ever.


During a match of 12 hours, a player bets the maximal credit on a machine asking for one euro, the expense is:

  • 40 euros with the 9/6
  • 240 euros with the 8/5

Different payments

The short-pay is applied to those machine asking for low amounts. Full-pay is therefore the opposite.

The relations for the Jack or Better are what follows:

  • 9/6
  • 8/5
  • 7/5
  • 6/5

If the relation is even weaker, your wallet is going to be almost empty.

Payout rate

The rate changes according to the type of machine.

The best percentage is assigned to the Deuces Wild with the 100.8%, which represents thus a Full-pay. By opposite, the Deuces Wild in Short-pay proposes the 94.3%.

In the middle we can find the Double Bonus 9/6 with the 99.5%. The Jack or Better are located below that.