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Progressive machines

video poker progressive

The possibility to get a more considerable Jackpot

Analysing the different Video Poker machines offered within casinos, the player can stop utterly on a progressive one.

In those machines featured by a fixed jackpot and called Flat Top, the relation concerning the fifth is thus always the same. By contrary, the machines so-called progressive have a pot that increases according to the bets made by the players. It can thus be calculated thank to a percentage applied on each coin inserted.

Until the Royal Flush is not out, the Jackpot keep growing, attracting a high number of players.

The relations increase with the progressive functioning

The progressive machines do not increase the possibilities to get a Royal Flush, but the relations are better. The match can thus turn in favour of the player especially when the amount increases.

Within the establishments, this type of functioning is mainly assigned to the machines that offer weaker gains like those with a relation 7/5. In this case, the player has definitely to opt for a so-called Flat Top machine.