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The Multi-game

multi game

This version was a great success, since it allows players to play several times in one turn. In order to play this type of game some experience is required, since the main concept is quite different from other machines. Moreover, you cannot act as you are used to do, since the imageries are different.

The option “Triple Play” allows players to use three turns at the same time. It is available in some versions of Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better. Once you have selected the game on the screen, the match begins.

The capital of the player can be better balanced thank to this option. The results are not different but the possibilities to obtain a Royal Fifth are much more considerable. You have to take into account around 30 hours of playing instead of 80.

Game-Play of Triple Play

  • 5 cards are given to the player
  • S/he must choose which cards to keep and which ones to give back
  • The kept cards must be used within 3 turns
  • The player pushes on “Draw”
  • The machine gives new cards to complete the turns
  • The winning turns give players a money prize.

Generally, this type of functioning leads to two possible situations:

  • One turn is winning and the other two loosing.
  • Two turns are winning and the other one loosing.

The harm of Triple Play

The basic bet tends to be used more rapidly (at least 3 times more). The player will have therefore to bet 15 euros for example, if s/he wants to play on three lines. Moreover, this system is developped in several turns.

Certain casinos propose even 10, 50 or 100 turns at the same time.