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Strategies in Jacks or Better

strategies jack or better

An important information

This version proposes players to liven up their intuition with a bit of strategy in order to optimise the gains. This notion is often left out, since cards are taken or given back according to one single thing, intuition. If you do not consider the strategic level you have less chances to win.

Each turn is thus characterised by way of functioning which is possible to predict since the concept is virtual. Since there are not enemies, there is no bluff. Players can use a strategy based on a concrete idea.

Two solutions are thus proposed to players

  1. You can buy a guide and look at it while playing, this is allowed. The only problem is that this solution is slow. The player needs to stop any time in order to know how to proceed with the next move.
  2. Players have also the opportunity to get to know a very simple strategy, quite helpful to understand and play video poker.

A simple strategy

This method is based on a concept proposing a return of investment of around 99,46%. This is used by the biggest, and so the genius of Paris, Michael Shackleford.

Here the order of the best turns (transparent cards are those that you need to give back).

Situation 1

Four of a Kind


Straight Flush


Royal Flush


Situation 2

Four-Card Royal Flush

trefle-astrefle-roitrefle-dametrefle-valetcarreau 7

Situation 3

Three of a Kind






Full House


Situation 4

Four-Card Straight Flush


Situation 5

Two pair


Situation 6

High-ranking pair


Situation 7

Three-Card Royal Flush


Situation 8

Four cards of the same suit


Situation 9

Low-ranking pair


Situation 10

Four-Card Outside Straight


Situation 11

Two assorted High cards


Situation 12

Three-Card Straight Flush


Situation 13

Two non-assorted High cards


Situation 14

A 10 with assorted J, Q or K


Situation 15

A High card


Situation 16

Give everything back


Some specificities to better understand the previous hierarchy

  •   The cards in strong couple are the Aces, Valets, Kings and Queens.
  •   The weak couples have 2 cards between 2 and 10.
  •   A so called “outside” line can be completed on the right and on the left. A turn 5 6 7 8 can receive a 9 and a 4.
  •   A so called “inside” line must be completed n the centre. The cards Ace, King, Queen ask exclusively for a Valet.

Advice: the acquisition of the Royal Flush is minimal, the situation 2 and 7 do not have to be ousted.

Example of a turn

With the turn 3T JT 5T DT 3C players can have these situations:

  •   8 with 4 colours
  •   9 with a weak couple
  •   11 with two similar strong cards

Within this strategy, colours are really important, it is wise therefore to give the 3 of hearts back. Sometimes you need to forget your intuition and follow this strategy in the attempt to optimise your gains, following these advises:

  •   Do not consider a simple line or colour unless they are strong.
  •   With the royal fifth of 4 cards try to draw to obtain a complete royal fifth.
  •   Insert the maximum of credits.
  •   Give back a strong card that is part of a couple.
  •   Do not destroy a strong couple unless the royal fifth or royal flush is made of 4 cards.
  •   When choosing between colour and line, you better choose the colour.