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The Grand Martingale betting system

 grand martingale betting system

The Grand Martingale is a gaming strategy which is really useful for those who play roulette mainly at the casinos. It concerns those bets which originates simple chances.

Like any other betting system, also the Grand Martingale is usually applied when he player is losing. This gaming technique gives players the impression that they can increase their chances to win while strictly respecting the rules of roulette and its variations.

Principle of the Grand Martingale

The basic principle of this Martingale is really close to the classic one.

After every loss on a simple chance, the player doubles down his/her bet and adds a game unit. S/he repeats this scheme until s/he wins.

It is related to the most celebrated, but at the same time the most dangerous, amount in loss. Indeed,, this strategy is more dangerous than the classic version, but since it is more effective then the classic one, it can rapidly increase the a player’s gains.

In order to make the Grand Martingale work, the player needs to double his/her bet down any time, risking in doing so to lose everything.

The disadvantage of this gaming strategy in case of loss, is that it cannot be applied on an unfinished number of bets: a thing that would make it seriously effective.

In the reality of the game, the player is limited in the number of bets s/he can place. Thus, the Grand Martingale strategy loses its strength in the transition from theory to practice. Moreover, we need to take into account that, when applying this technique, the gains will be lower than the bets placed.

We will now explain you the Grand Martingale through an example of a roulette match, to let you better assimilate this really precise gaming strategy.

Example: How to apply the Grand Martingale

The players bets a unit for the first time.

Case n.1

S/he wins. By using the Grand Martingale s/he gains an amount equal to the initial bet plus an extra unit. S/he thus owns two units.

Case n.2

S/he loses. S/he thus decides to play three units in the second turn, following the Grand Martingale principle according to which you can double down your bet by adding a unit. If s/he wins: s/he gains an amount of two times the initial bet and so six units minus the three units s/he had bet in the second turn and the unit s/he had bet in the first. She therefore gains 6 – 3 – 1 = 2 units.

Case n.3

S/he loses one more time and bets for a third turn. S/he thus double down his/her bet and add a unit according to the Grand Martingale principle: s/he thus bets 7 units. If s/he wins this turn, s/he gains 14 units – 7 units bet during the third turn – 3 units bet during the second turn – 1 unit bet during the first turn and so a total of 3 units.