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The Piquemouche betting system

piquemouche roulette

The game technique called Piquemouche is another variation of the classical betting system.

It is suitable for roulette games and in particular, matches with chance simple. You should opt for this game strategy if you have a considerable game budget. In case of winning or losing turns, you can apply the strategy by following a simple and precise rule that we will now study together and we will see applied on a concrete situation.

Principle of the Piquemouche

The Piquemouche works as follows: if the player gets a negative result, s/he will bet an amount of three times the initial one. s/he will double down his/her bet only after having lost for three consecutive times.

This system is advantageous because it is safe and prudent. Indeed, it does not demand players to double down their bets at the beginning of the match, but only after 3 consecutive losses. In this way, it allows players to bet many times until they reach the maximal bet they have previously fixed.

On the other hand, the gains to win are weaker and they can even be zero in case the first turn is losing. Players would need 2 consecutive winning turns to balance the losses of the player, while with the classical betting system, one turn is enough.

Example of how to apply the Piquemouche

We give you here a concrete example of application of the Piquemouche betting system that we have just explored.

  1. For the first turn, the player bets a game unit. If s/he wins, s/he gets a unit and s/he can starts a new match. On the other hand, if s/he loses, s/he will bet anyway a unit for the second turn.
  2. For the second turn, if s/he loses, s/he bets a unit for the third turn.
  3. In the third turn, if s/he wins, s/he gets a unit: 1 – 1 unit (bet of the second turn) – 1 unit (bet of the first turn) = - 1 unit
  4. For the fourth turn, the player doubles down the initial bet, betting 2 units. If s/he wins, s/he gets 2 units: 2-1 (result of the third turn) = 1 unit.

And now, make your game, and try this strategy out, with some of the most popular roulette games of the period!