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What is a betting system (Martingale)?

martingales roulette

Would you like to challenge the fate by choosing a game strategy based on logics and on a probabilistic arguments which could rapidly increase your gains in roulette or at least limit your risks to lose?

The betting systems are the most popular and appreciated game tactics in the entire universe of roulette and its variations. Their functioning principles are simples and they are generally applied on the simple chance bets.

Among the most popular, we propose you in particular great classic betting system, which consists in doubling the initial bet any time you lose. As for the inverted betting system, it consists in lowering to half your bet any time you win.

The variations of betting strategies are several and they have been subject of philosophic and mathematic reflections (the most popular are the Whittacker betting system, Paroli betting system and Wells betting system).

You should nevertheless be careful when using these gaming strategies, having their limits and dangers. In particular, those bets that can easily can you risk to lose the totality of your bets: while you accumulate winning actions, a loss is enough for make you realise a considerable deficit.

Remember: we advise you to put an upper limit to your bet in order to control turn by turn your budget and your risks to lose as well.