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Blackjack Perfect Pairs

blackjack perfect pairs

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is a variation of classic Blackjack. This variation is featured by an extra bet that is not present in the original Blackjack: the perfect pairs.

In order to win, your turn must be higher than the croupier’s one, still never going over 21. If your turn and the croupier’s one go over 21, then is the croupier the one who wins. Only if you make 21 points with the first distribution, you make a Blackjack.

The principle of the Blackjack perfect pairs (additional bet) is to bet as you had a couple in the two first cards received.

The rules of Blackjack Perfect Pairs

The game is played with six decks of 52 cards that are mixed at every turn. The rules in this variation are the same as in the classic Blackjack. The only difference is that the Blackjack Perfect Pairs has an additional bet.

As for the croupier, s/he has got two cards from the beginning of the match, as well as the other players. The cards given to the players are distributed up-facing, while for the croupier, only one card is up-facing, the other is down-facing on the table. The croupier’s turn does not go over 17, but if s/he has got 16 points or less, s/he must pick an additional card.

A natural Blackjack is initially paid 3/2. Before paying, the croupier verifies the Blackjack.

Rules to double

Different players have the possibility to double if the total score of the first turn (two first cards) is 9, 10 or 11. Moreover, the player does not have the possibility to double after having split his/her turn.

Rules to split

In this variation, the player can split his/her turn only one time, s/he cannot split the Aces which have been already split and s/he cannot pick an additional card for an already split Ace.

The Perfect Pairs and its gains

After having checked every player’s cards to verify their Blackjacks, the croupier check if there are perfect pairs. Each player who have bet win if s/he has got a pairs and lose if s/he has not got it.


  • A perfect pair corresponds to a couple of identical cards (for example: 2 queens of hearts) is paid 30/1.
  • A mixed pair is a pair with two cards that are identical in terms of value but different in terms of colour (for example: an 8 of hearts and an 8 of clubs), it is paid 7/1.
  • Finally a coloured pair is a pair with two cards of the same colour bur always different in terms of sign (for example: a 2 of hearts and a 2 of diamonds), it is paid 15/1.