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Vegas Strip Blackjack

blackjack vegas strip

Vegas Strip Blackjack is one of the variation of this game. It is played, as well as its classic counterpart, with 4 decks of 52 cards.

This element must be taken into account since the beginning. Indeed, the possibility to have a certain turn from the beginning of the match, and the cards to pick are different, and they must be considered in order to elaborate a good strategy.

The rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack

What are the main differences between the two modalities to play Blackjack?

At an initial stage

  • Each player has the right to receive 11 cards from the croupier
  • The croupier is the first one who checks if S/he made a Blackjack (s/he checks in front of all of the players)
  • The player can ask for a sidebet but s/he must place necessarily the same amount as his/her initial bet
  • When the croupier reaches 17 points, s/he cannot ask for cards anymore, and this means that s/he will not have many chances to reach 21 points. By contrast, if you have a turn with 18 points, you have many possibilities to win.

In terms of bets and gains

  • If there is equality, all of the bets are given back to the players, even if the croupier or the player has got a blackjack
  • A player of this variation wins if his/her turn is higher than the croupier’s one (without going over 21 like in the original Blackjack)
  • When a players wins a turns, s/he wins the amount of the initial bet s/he made.

What are the rules to split?

It is essential to know: the cards with the same value.

Example: a king and a valet, both of them make 10 points and, when in couple, they can be split.

Moreover, if a player have already split his/her cards, s/he can, in this variation of the game, s/he can split them again. Moreover, if a player make a split on an Ace, s/he will get a card of 10 points.

Example: the queen gives you 21 points and not a Blackjack.

What are the rules to double down?

In this variation, you can double at the first turn with your first two cards and they have the same value as what is written on them. But, be careful, you cannot double down after having split. The good strategies that can help you to play better and to win are the same as the one used in the original Blackjack, but here you need, first of all, to take into account the number of cards used to play from the beginning of the match.

Better to play often, to make exercise and to know perfectly the rules of the game... and now play, and come back victorious and more experienced!