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European Blackjack

european blackjack

The European Blackjack is one of the variations of the so-called Classic Blackjack. This section advise you to know the game from different viewpoints, focusing on one specific subject: the rules of the game.

The European Blackjack has much more precise rules than the classic version. Strictness is necessary. In order to play this variation you need have already a good knowledge of the game.

Rules in European Blackjack

Points in common with its homologue, the Classic Blackjack

First of all, the goal is the same: to reach 21 points without going over this number and break the bank.

European Blackjack is played with 8 decks of cards. The cards of a deck are mixed at the end of each turn.

The rules to win the match, or if the match is “tie” are the same. The player in European Blackjack has got the same options as in the classic game, as we have learnt previously. Specifically, s/he can pick cards, use the insurance (taking an insurance after the croupier), and also stand or split. Simply, when the player split his/her game, s/he can double down his/her bet.

Some differences which give this variation an additional value

While giving the cards in Blackjack, the croupier waits for the player to play and make different game moves after each distribution. When the player has done his/her game, the croupier gives him/her an additional card.

From the first card received, the player can choose between different options explained by the croupier, s/he can:

  • “Take an insurance”
  • “Get away”
  • “Leave” from the beginning of the match

For the first option, it is the same as in the classic game but the player can take the insurance from the beginning of the match.

  • Move “Get away”

You can use it if the first card of the croupier is an Ace and only if the player is sure of having a Blackjack. In this case the match re-starts from zero: it is tie. The player will have his/her bet back.

  • Move “Leave”

This option can be chosen when the player is sure that there are not good possibilities to win. S/he can thus leave the game but s/he loses half of the total amounts of his/her bets. However, if the croupier has got an Ace as the first card, nobody can use this option.

The principal advantage of this variation of Blackjack, we are sure you got it, is the fact that you have many options from the beginning of the match. You better think carefully before to choose, in order to make the right decision and reduce your losses!